All the Confidence in the World

Hey y’all!

It’s beautiful here in Central Mississippi – azaleas and dogwoods and red buckeyes and blackberries and we still have daffodils – and it all serves to remind me why spring really is my favorite time of the year. 

That said, I’m a bit beat. I’m trying to figure out if it makes sense to continue my aggressive writing schedule – more than 15,000 words a month, just on the blog – and if not, is there a schedule that makes more sense. In short, I need a few days off while I think about it. (I explain all this in more detail in the post below titled Closed For Maintenance.) 

I’m taking some days off from the blog and I’ll be back to posting on Tuesday the 12th. 

Blog posts this week

The Movies I Can’t Watch: Because of trauma I have experienced, there are just some shows and movies I can’t watch. 

The Happiness of Lower Standards: In which I start yoga. 

All the Confidence in the World: A story about my Dad. 

The Arrival: Road trip!

Closed For Maintenance: Just what it says. 

Some other cool things I thought you might like: 

Dick Van Dyke is still dancing at 96! (Here are details about his workout routine.) He’s just amazing. 

OK, here he is again in 2016 (at 90!) in a Denny’s (!), with his quartet The Vantastixs. 

It’s been some three weeks now, and I still love my new bike. I ride it to the coffee shop, to the gym, and to local meetings. It’s my “under 2-mile trip” vehicle. Unfortunately, here in the US, most bicycle culture is split between children and athletes, unlike in other countries, where they are seen as another form of transportation. Anyway, I really enjoyed the book Just Ride, which is written for “non-racers” – people who just want to ride their bike and don’t want to race, don’t want to invest in spandex, and who don’t want to spend $3,000 on a bike. 


There is some work going on behind the scenes on the newsletters – for example, there is now a website for this one, with a functioning archive! Each issue has a web version as well, along with the ability to comment. (Back issues will be slowly making their way into the archives, but all issues going forward will be there as soon as they are published.)

I hope you have a great weekend, and I’ll see you next week.

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