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Hey y’all!

If you haven’t heard, we are in the midst of a water crisis here in Jackson, MS. We have been on a boil-water notice for more than 5 weeks now, and after last week’s floods, the pumping station died, and portions of our city have had no water for days now. As you can imagine, this has caused serious disruption, and my life has been pretty consumed with work around getting water to people who need it.

On the Blog:

All that to say, I only published one thing on the blog this week:

Are You OK? Where I talk a bit about what’s going on in Jackson.

If you want to help me buy water for the folks in Jackson who need it, you can give it to the multi-faith organization I am working with on this, Working Together Jackson, and it will be used to buy water and hygiene supplies (as you can imagine, keeping clean is hard right now). Just put something like “Water Crisis” in the Note field.

A New Thing:

A while back, AT&T told my mom that they would no longer be able to service her phone. Her 15-year-old flip phone was reluctantly retired and replaced with an iPhone. This has caused, as you might imagine, no small amount of confusion. Phones have changed a lot since she last got a new phone, and she has changed a lot, too.

Technology moves fast. And as it does, our expectations around it change. The other day, I was asked to fax someone a document. I have not faxed anything in at least 8 years. But I used to do it many times a day.

I don’t fear growing older, but I do fear becoming unable to function in the world. That includes things like losing my memory or my ability to feed myself, but also means I don’t want to one day be the 70 yeast old that doesn’t know how to make a .pdf document or send someone a video by text message. Or, at least, the equivalent everyday tasks that will exist in 20 years.

A lot of the social web is now video-centric. I am word-centric. The content part doesn’t bother me. I can write a video script as well as I can write an essay. But the mechanics of it all seem intimidating to me. So, I’ve started posting short, less than 90 seconds, daily “reels” or “mini-vlogs” to Instagram and YouTube. Right now, it’s just talking head while I’m out on my daily therapy walk, but I intend to add more features over time.

Here are the individual links – each is less than 90 seconds:

Mornings are my favorite

The sounds of the city waking up

Self-care when your city is collapsing

Consistency is a superpower


As you can imagine, water is on my mind pretty heavily right now. We intended to add a filtration system when we remodeled the kitchen this winter, but with the current crisis, we decided to add a drinking water filtration system now. We bought this reverse osmosis system from Amazon, and I am installing it this weekend. I will report back on how it goes.

And this very long (3,000 wordish) post from the excellent blog The Art of Doing Stuff talks a lot about how blogging is in 2022, how it compares to the “old” days of 12 years ago, and also how Google has changed the way we write and make money. The realities around this post describe perfectly why I have chosen to be nearly exclusively focused on Members as a monetization strategy and refuse ads of any sort.

Thank you for reading. This website is free and ad-free because of the support of my readers. Or, if you want to say thanks for this post, you can just buy me a cup of coffee.

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