Reminder: This is the weekly mailing I send out to let folks know what’s going on with me, and what I wrote on my blog this week. I talked a bit about the transition to the new name a few weeks ago, here. The transition to all the things is taking longer than I expected – but thanks for your patience. 

Hey y’all!

I love Spring, but this year it seems to be fighting me. The newsletter upgrade project that was supposed to be completed last weekend… failed. Like, hard. So now I’m trying to figure out plan B. 

This is why I only published four days this week instead of five. And why I am behind on lots of other projects. 

But I am reminded that the four things I published this week are approximately *checks notes* three more things than I published in all of 2020. So I am trying to not be too hard on myself. 

What I published this week:

DIY Guy: I am the sort of person who likes to do it myself. This often bites me in the ass, and I will learn nothing from this. 

Current Events: A short history of how I think about whether and how to use my voice regarding a current events. (Or, why I didn’t write anything about the Oscars.)

Poverty Charges Interest: Growing up poor changes your brain. 

Creamed Chicken: My ultimate comfort food. 

Things I thought you might like:

People ask me for book recommendations all the time – which is weird, in a way. I mean, I love to read, but I have very specific tastes (Crime fiction, Psychology, Gardening, Craft, and Ethics make up most of the couple of thousand books in my library). It’s like someone saying, ‘You eat every day. Tell me something to eat. 

Anyway, if you like crime fiction, you might like this series of books by David Handler. They are period pieces, set in the 1990’s. The protagonist is a ghostwriter. He has a Basset Hound. He is divorced from a movie star, but it doesn’t seem to have taken. It’s as close as I’ve seen to capturing the essence of The Thin Man (one of my all-time favorites) in modern writing. Highly recommended. 

And because we all know the internet was invented for cats, and they just let us use it, here’s Tinder For Cats. (There is no point here, other than it’s just adorable.)

And I meant to tell you a few weeks ago when it came out – I was interviewed on a podcast about food, and how cooking it can be an act of love, an act of faith, and an act of resistance. This was a lot of fun. 

Also – early next week I will be sending my monthly newsletter to the Patrons, letting them know what’s going on behind the scenes and the schedule for the monthly Office Hours I’m holding for them. If you are not part of the team of folks who support my work financially, you can learn how to do that here

Thank you!

Things are a bit convoluted as I change things around, so I appreciate your hanging with me. I always appreciate your reading, and I’d love to hear what you think. Hit me up in the comments, or hit reply if you’re reading this in your inbox.

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