Food is love

Good morning, y’all!

This is The Hughsletter, the weekly personal newsletter of Hugh Hollowell. It’s a collection of things I published, what I’m working on, and cool things I found while looking for other things. If somebody forwarded this to you, you can get your own subscription here.

This is Membership Month here in what a friend lovingly calls The Hughniverse, and I wanted to remind you that I created a membership program to support my publishing and that together, my members and I are publishing a narrative cookbook. I explain more about the cookbook project in the first link below, and how members will get a chapter a week in their inbox as I write it, and then get a print copy for free.

More on the membership program, including how to join, can be found here.

Things I wrote this week

Food is love.: If I believe anything at all, this is it. More on the cookbook I’m writing.

The Wildlife Pond: A sort of “how I did it” post, with links to materials.

Payday: I have lots of screwed-up stories in my head about money.

Prayers: That time we got what we prayed for, and then didn’t know what to do with it.

Are pigs flying? Is this a midlife crisis?

I like learning new things and am lucky that, thanks to my members, I have relative freedom to try things that don’t necessarily make economic sense. Like the fact that I now have a TikTok… page? Channel? Hell, I don’t know. But I’m over there, posting videos from my pond and birdfeeder.

Repurposed Security Cameras

I mentioned that I use Blink cameras for my birdfeeder videos. I’m also experimenting with the Wyze V3 cam – it’s much cheaper, and I like the functionality a lot. The downside is it needs to be plugged in, while the Blink runs on batteries. For my feeder, the distance makes that hard, but all my videos of birds in the pond come from the Wyze.

This place could be beautiful

I came across this poem from Maggie Smith again this week, and it reminds me that life here is a participatory sport, and we get to be co-creators in making it a good place to be.

It’s hella hot out there, people. The heat index here yesterday was 108 degrees. Take care of yourself, find some shade, and stay hydrated.

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