I’m tired

Hey y’all,

One advantage of publishing a weekly newsletter is that regular readers get to track along with me through various seasons. Not just literal seasons, like Summer and Spring, but also seasons of my life. Like, this is Hugh when he’s happy, and this is Hugh when he’s grieving.

Right now, this is Hugh when he’s busy.

I have ADHD and tend toward depression, so one way I keep those two things in check is I have lots of low-level projects going on all the time. None of them demand much from me, and I can work on them as I have time, energy, and interest. It’s the only way I get so much done: Because I always have something that is wrapping up, so I always have something to point to that I just finished, and I need that sense of accomplishment.

My brain is weird. I know – just go with it.

But sometimes, lots of things come to a head at once, and some of those things involve other people, and then it gets really busy and messy. That’s where I am right now. After tomorrow, things will even out and we will resume my normal life – but for the last two weeks, it’s been pretty frantic.

It reminds me too much of my frantic sales career, where I was mentored by type-A folks and lived on adrenaline. I don’t like it. I don’t like it a bit. But it is just a season and not my life, and it will pass.

Things I wrote this week:

I’m tired.: Sometimes, when I don’t know what to write, I just sit down and write, sort of stream of consciousness, and then edit it to see if anything is there. Those pieces often start about one thing and end up being about another. This is one of those.

The Church: An ode to the small country church of my childhood, and what I learned there.

Other things

I’ve recently been rereading the mysteries of PD James as a treat to myself. Her style is sort of out of fashion these days – the pacing is slow, and often, the crime doesn’t even happen until the beginning of the second act. They are rich and deep character books, and the writing is sublime.

Based on a friend’s recommendation, I am currently reading The Thursday Murder Club, which is definitely not slow-paced or intellectual. But it’s fun – I started it the night before last and am ⅔ of the way through.

Tonight, the second installment of my serially published cookbook Food is Love will hit the inbox of people on the Membership team. (If you want to get weekly installments of this book plus other perks and help support my work, you can learn more about how to become part of the membership team by going to this page.)

I love this article about OXO, the kitchen gadget company. I personally think their stuff is ugly, and aesthetics matter to me greatly. But I do admire how well their stuff works, and their dedication to craft and universal design.

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