Life Intervenes

Hey y’all!

The month of September has been wild for me, with lots of busyness, lots of travel, and lots of unpredictability. I’m happy to have meaningful work to do, but I always dislike unpredictability. A primary coping mechanism for my ADHD is routine – If I don’t have to decide what to do next, I’m less likely to get sidetracked.

So, for example, I always get up at the same time, then make my coffee, then write in my journal while drinking it, then go for my walk, then eat breakfast and then write for an hour. No matter how chaotic the day goes after 8AM, I accomplished all that first.

But sometimes life intervenes, or you are on a trip and jetlagged, or the cat climbs on your head all night, and you get no sleep, or (most likely) you made a mistake and double scheduled something and have to fix it. And those days, everything goes sideways.

In September, all of that happened far more than I liked.

But tomorrow is October, and a chance to try, try again.


This week I wrote two pieces for the blog.

The Third Row: I went home Monday for a funeral and spent some time in my childhood church.

The P Word: I write about a controversial word and why I do not hesitate to apply it to myself.

I got another chapter finished on my serially published cookbook called Food is Love, and will be sending this week’s chapter (that includes recipes for homemade cranberry sauce and chocolate fudge pie) to my members tomorrow morning.

90 seconds

I’m still doing my 90-second vlogs each day, although I missed twice this week – once because I was swamped and it slipped my mind, and once because of technical difficulties. Also, the reality is that I do these on my phone, and then upload them to Instagram and then that automatically shares to Facebook. But then I also load them one at a time to YouTube and TikTok, and do that at my desk, so if it’s a day when I’m not at my desk a lot, sometimes that doesn’t happen. So, Instagram is the most reliable place to catch them.


If you have been hearing the hype about carbon steel skillets and want to try one out with relatively low risk (which is what I did), I recommend you check out this one (but make sure you read the care instructions). It’s preseasoned, and I can cook an egg on it without it sticking right out of the box. I haven’t used my nonstick skillet since I got this one a month ago.

I’m also working on my sleep hygiene and found that having my phone beside my bed was too tempting. So I bought a simple digital alarm and put the phone on a charger across the room. I got this specific alarm because I wanted to duplicate two features my phone alarm had: the ability to dim the display and the sound of the alarm to increase the longer it goes off.

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