The Short Week

Hey y’all!

I took most of this week off from publishing things so I could work on a project I have a hard deadline on, so this week will be short. Two significant things are happening, however, that I wanted to let you know about.

As I said in the post The Bird Project a few weeks ago, I’m setting up cameras at the bird feeder and out in the yard. I’m not sure what I’m doing here long term, but I decided to begin posting some of them to YouTube, for two reasons:

  1. The Internet needs more cute animal videos!
  2. I want to work more on my video skills, and I don’t really have any YouTube experience, and this will give me an excuse.

I uploaded this video of a cute, curious, midnight visitor as the first video to open the account. I haven’t built the account out at all yet, but do me a solid and subscribe if potential video content is your thing. People who know such things tell me I need to get t 100 subscribers pretty quickly to do more things.

The other is that Jason Kottke – publisher of one of the longest-running personal blogs in the world – is taking six months sabbatical from publishing, and he recommended my Monday morning newsletter as one of several sources for links to cool things while he’s gone. I share this because the other people in the list my newsletter is mentioned are some true giants in newsletter publishing, with hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

(Some of you don’t know I have a Monday morning newsletter. Well, I do, [it can be found here] and the fact that you didn’t know that probably explains why I do not, in fact, have hundreds of thousands of subscribers.)

Because I took the week off, here is what I published on the blog this week:

Temporary Closed for Maintenance: In which I explain taking a week off.

Antique Roses and Native Plants: My weekly walkthrough of the garden, and show off my roses and chicken coop.

Other cool things:

I’m building a small pond for the wildlife in my backyard as part of The Bird Project. I’ll be doing write-ups as we go along, but I’m sort of following this YouTube playlist as guidance.

A book I found at the Used Book shop: Projects For The Birder’s Garden: Over 100 Easy Things That You Can Make To Turn Your Yard And Garden Into A Bird-friendly Haven is providing an outlet for my DIY skills these days. It also has a great write-up on building a small wildlife pond. It’s out of print, but lots of used copies on Amazon starting at $2.00.

I found this little weird Twitter account that shows animals in medieval illuminated manuscripts. I love the Internet.

OK, like I said, a short week. I’ll see you next week, friends.

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