Hey y’all,

I am at Pensacola Beach for Renee’s birthday as I write this. Because we are here, I didn’t publish anything on the blog this week. I was strongly tempted to publish a short post last night, just so I could have something to link to, but ultimately, I decided not to.

As I mentioned on the vlog this week, the urge to be productive in order to justify my existence is destructive. It’s OK for me just to have a vacation. See how I just threw that in there? My short videos I’m publishing each day are “vlogs”, short for “video blogs.”

I’m still having fun doing them and am crossposting them on Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, and TikTok. I have some video plans and want to figure out how all the platforms work together. Or, often, don’t.

It’s strange, in a way. I’ve had such an active audience for so many years on both blogs and social media that its a little strange making something that 4 people watch. But it’s good to be a beginner again, to learn something new, and to stretch myself in new ways. I’m saving them all to a YouTube playlist you can see here.

Travel tip: If you travel a lot, you probably already know this, but a small travel hack, if you are the sort of person who carries a laptop with you, is to pack a small HDMI cord in your bag. Most modern TV’s have HDMI inputs, and then you can watch Netflix or Amazon prime or what-have-you on the hotel TV.

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